3-Week Suggested Syllabus

Dear Professor, Instructor or Music Methods Facilitator,

Quaver’s College Program is intended to help you introduce modern teaching technologies by incorporating Quaver’s cloud-based curriculum in your methods, practicum and student teaching courses.

This College Program includes full access to Quaver Lesson Plans, supplements, and more for you and all of your music education students. Our sample three-week syllabus and final project is included as a jumping off point for you as you plan your course!

The suggested readings and videos will help you guide future Music Educators in discussions on how technology plays a part in today’s music classroom. It will also introduce you and your students to Quaver’s digital curriculum through a series of training videos and activities. Equipped with these modern teaching technologies students will have the online tools bring various pedagogies to life, and allow them to achieve personalized learning in their future classroom.

At the completion of a student’s college career, Quaver Music will reward each graduating Music Education major with one year of FREE access to the Quaver Curriculum – helping graduates become even more marketable, land their first job, and ensure a successful first year in their new career!

How to access Quaver Professional Development Materials:

  1. Log in to your Teacher account and click the golden TEACHER TAB at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Find the Support Hub in the upper left-hand corner of your Teacher Dashboard.
  3. Once here, select Using the Website/Training.
  4. This link will take you to a list of helpful resources.
    Choose the fifth item down, Individual Professional Development Program: Curriculum.
  5. Select a video to watch.