Week 2

Week 2

Week 2


Bringing Kodály, Orff, MLT and Other Methods to Life

Use Quaver’s K-8 Curriculum as an example of interactive lessons in the music classroom by working through Quaver’s Level I Professional Development Course.
Students will seek to answer the question: How can I use technology to suit my approach to teaching music?


  1. From the QuaverMusic.com home page click on your golden Teacher Tab to access the teacher-only resources.
  2. Once here you will find the complete 36-week Quaver Curriculum in the top left-hand corner of the page. Click anywhere in this box to access the curriculum and explore.
  3. Back on the Teacher Dashboard, you’ll see a second set of lessons below the Curriculum – our Song-Based Lessons.
  4. Use the grade level buttons to navigate the selection of lessons:

    Looking for an Orff approach?
    Try 1st Grade’s Acka Backa Orff lesson where students learn a three-part arrangement to accompany the song Acka Backa.

    Looking for a Kodály Approach?
    Try 2nd Grade’s Bluebird Kodály lessons: Introduce and Identify. These two lessons work together to introduce and develop understanding of a half note using the song Bluebird.

    Looking for a Music Learning Theory Approach?
    Try 1st Grade’s A Dinosaur Just Ate My Lunch which welcomes students to explore the Aeolian mode.
  5. Choose a lesson and let’s get started!

Once you have selected a lesson you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips. You will see the OVERVIEW of each interactive screen available in this lessons. Your OBJECTIVES are also listed here. LESSON PLAN will open a standards-based lesson plan for you to view, save, or print. Any WORKSHEETS connected to this lesson are here to print as needed. Click the LAUNCH button to open the interactive lesson.

From the Welcome screen you can begin to navigate through a lesson.
Remember you can change the grade level, click on notes to read instructions from the lesson plan, and implement the draw tool.


  1. Watch one module from Level II of the Quaver Professional Development Curriculum:
    ClassPlay 101 (13 min)
  2. Pick a lesson from either the Quaver Curriculum or Song-Based Lessons and be prepared to discuss it in class.
    Submit a lesson plan including learning objectives, music standards and technology standards that will be addressed.
  3. Watch two modules from Level II of the Quaver Professional Development Curriculum:
    Curriculum 101 (15 min)
    ClassPlay Pre-Practicum (13 min).