Week 3

Week 3

Week 3


Best Practices Enabled by Technology

As they work through Levels II and III of the Quaver Professional Development Course, students will be challenged to use technology to customize their teaching to the various needs in their future classroom. Have students teach a lesson to the rest of the class and discuss the methods of differentiation available online.


  1. Implementing technology into the classroom
  2. Taking count of the hardware you have and what you need
  3. Creating rules and procedures for equipment
  4. Daily practice
  5. Student choice and leadership


  1. Watch two modules from Level III of Quaver’s Professional Development Curriculum:
    Resource Resource Manager & Library (6 min)
    Curriculum 201 (12 min)
  2. Build a Lesson, Customized to your Needs!
    Select a lesson from the Quaver Curriculum.
    Click on the yellow CUSTOMIZE button.
    Once you create a new label for your lesson you can rearrange and delete screens in your new lesson.
    Conduct a search in the library for Quaver resources you can add to your lesson.
    Then add NEW LESSON SCREENS to your custom lesson.
    New Lesson Screens allow you to add content from the internet or your computer to your Quaver lesson.
    Once your lesson is complete, click on LESSON to Edit the Headers, view your Lesson Plan, or share your customized lesson with your classmates.
    Editing the header allows you to change the title, objectives, and so much more on your Lesson Plan.